Online Bad Credit Loans

Feeling held back by your financial past? Don’t let it haunt you. Get money when you need it with an online bad credit loan.

bad credit loans
bad credit loans

Online Bad Credit Loans

Feeling held back by your financial past? Don’t let it haunt you. Get money when you need it with an online bad credit loan.

What Are Bad Credit Loans?

An online Bad Credit Loan is your financial lifeline when you need financial help but keep hearing no because of your past credit mistakes. Whatever the reason for your bad credit score, this form of finance means you can still get a loan when you need it. 

How do you get bad credit?

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Late Repayments

If you do not make repayments on time then you will receive a mark against your name which will pull your credit score down.

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Multiple Enquiries

Shopping around to find the right loan is good, but be careful because loan providers may run a credit check against your name alerting other lenders that you may be borrowing above your means.

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Default On Loans

If you continually fail to honour your finance agreement, then the lender may stamp a default against your name. These can last up to 5 years and can be very damaging.

Types Of Online Bad Credit Loans

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Bad Credit Consolidation

Debts getting out of hand? Consolidate them into one with bad credit debt consolidation.

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Bad Credit Home Loans

Renovate, refinance or invest in a property with a home loan, even if you have bad credit.

Private Car Loans online icon

Bad Credit Car Loans

Don’t wait around to get a new car just because of your credit rating. Get finance now.

Bad Credit Business Loan icon

Bad Credit Business Loan

Money is what keeps a business flowing. You can get this support even if you have bad credit.

Bad Credit Personal Loans icon

Bad Credit Personal Loans

Treat yourself to a holiday or a new gadget with the help of a bad credit personal loan.

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No Credit Check Loans

Avoid further harm to your credit score by getting a loan with no credit check.

How do I fix bad credit?

Credit repair is the process of improving and restoring an individual’s credit report. This is achieved through the removal or adjustment of incorrect negative listings from a person’s credit record.


By cleaning up negative listings including defaults, credit enquiries, court judgments and black marks you can expect to see a rise in your credit score as a result. This is a score that is checked by lenders when someone applies for a loan to indicate whether they are likely to be a reliable borrower or not.


If you have a good credit score then you’ll have a greater chance of being approved for finance with better interest rates and loan amounts. This means you’ll no longer need an online bad credit loan. Instead, you can apply for regular loans, saving you money and providing better opportunities in the long run.

Bad Credit Loans FAQs

Applying for many loans, avoiding loan repayments or failing to pay on time can land you in a position of bad credit. Unfortunately, suffering from bad credit is very easily done and not very easily reversed.


This is why bad credit loans are a great opportunity if it’s already too late and you need finance despite you bad credit score.

Your credit score isn’t permanent, it constantly fluctuates depending on your borrowing habits. This is why if you fail to stick to your loan agreement then your credit score can suffer. However, if you do the right things then you will be rewarded with positive movement. The only problem is that it’s much harder to get your credit score to rise than it is to watch it fall. Regular on-time repayments will make a slow but positive difference over a long period of time, but a small number of late / missing repayments are likely to have a drastic and fast consequence.


So what can you do if you have a bad credit score which you need to fix fast? Credit repair is a real solution that can save you so much stress and money in the long run. Even defaults, credit enquiries and court judgments can be cleared from your credit file!


If you would like to clean your credit score then we recommend getting in touch with Clean Credit. The could repair your credit rating within as little as 30 days and at an affordable cost. Remember – the better your credit score, the better the interest rates, the more you can borrow and the more flexible your loan terms will be!

Applying for an online bad credit loan is a really simple & fast process. Our online application form takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Your application will be assessed immediately and if you qualify, we will contact you within 24 hours with a solution.

You could receive money in your bank within as little as 48 hours!