Online Home Loans

Renovating, investing and purchasing a property costs big money. An online home loan helps you over this hurdle.

Online Home Loans
Online Home Loans

Online Home Loans

Renovating, investing and purchasing a property costs big money. An online home loan helps you over this hurdle.

Get a Fast & Easy Home Loan

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Home Loan On Your Terms

With competitive rates and flexible loan terms, you can customise your home loan to suit your needs to perfection.

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Bad Credit Options

Do you have bad credit? Never mind. We provide bad credit and low doc home loans to help to get you on your feet.

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Refinance for a Better Deal

If you’re looking for new loan terms, a better deal or would like to free up equity in your home then you can refinance an existing home loan!

Why Choose Us

Borrowing money sounds like a long, stressful and complicated process, but it’s not! Getting an online home loan is actually a much more simple process than you might think. Traditional lenders including banks often have strict requirements making the application process difficult and time-consuming, but we’re different. We have a wide range of home loans for you to take advantage of.

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We say yes when banks say no

Have you been turned down by a bank? Don't give up hope, we can often help even when banks can't.

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Easy 100% online application

Applying for an online home loan takes as little as 10 minutes and you could receive money in your bank within hours.

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No impact on your credit score

Our application process does not affect your credit score. This means that you can find out whether you could qualify for finance without facing a credit enquiry.

Online Home Loan FAQs

An online home loan provides you with the opportunity to purchase a house even if you have been turned down by other lenders. Like with a normal mortgage, the house which you are purchasing will be used as security and you will have a repayment plan to stick to.

You can use a home loan for the purchase if or investment in a new or existing property and in some cases, even for renovations.

Even if you have bad credit you can still get financial support in the form of a home loan. Since a home loan is likely to include a large sum of money, it is more difficult to be approved for finance if you have bad credit. You can expect to face higher interest rates and more strict loan terms.


Before applying for a home loan with bad credit it might be a better idea to try to repair your credit rating first. You can do that by speaking to Clean Credit. They are able to remove defaults and judgments from your credit rating within as little as 30 days and credit repair is far less expensive than you might expect it to be. Having a good credit rating will favour you massively in the long run. It’ll mean you can borrow more money, save thousands with lower interest rates and have more flexibility with your repayment plan.